Troubled Goddess

Private matters...not so private!*~*! D
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2001-08-20 03:42:15 (UTC)

Why does my life have to suck?!?

Shit does my life suck. I was home waiting for ron to
get here from like 11 until 4 this afternoon. he was
supposed to be here at 8 but I got up at 8 and then went
back to sleep until 11.
When he finally got here we did nothing but laid in my
bed for a couple hours. We got bored doing that and i
started to watch a movie. He took off in the pouring rain
and lightening because he got bored and showed back up at
my house at 6:15.
He said that he had a nice walk. I wanted a soda and
sense i was sick he didnt want me going out side in the
rain. So he went back up to the store and got me a soda
and candy. So as soon as he got back (at 7:00) his parents
called to tell them that they were going to pick him up at
11. He asked them to come pick us up then so that we could
go out there.
At 7:30 his parents came to get us to go out there to his
house. This is where it all started to suck! (well at
least I did!...he he!) We got out there and just hung
aroundfor a while but at 8:30 i started feeling a little
frisky so I started kissing his neck and all. He told me
that he didnt want to get all worked up if i wasnt going to
do anything with him...So um.... Played a
game of suck and blow (if ya know what i mean ;) ) So
then I finised with that and he said "at 10 I'll repay your
favour to me" (I know what he means by that all the time!)
So we went out on the couch to sit with his parents for a
while, that was at nine. When we were out there I told him
that I wasnt in the mood for that tonight. He knows that
he can always change my mind though! at 9:50 we left with
jen to come back into town and see their uncle for a few
minutes and him and i sat in the backseat making out the
entire way there and back! (Not stoping once!!!!!) So we
got back and then got his radio and went into his room to
listen to it. I think that was at around 10:30. So we are
laying in there and he turned off his light and started
kissing me. he moved from my mouth to my neck and then he
kept going down further. He got down to my pants and
started to take them off and when he finally got them off
and was about to go down on me his father knocked on the
dor and said that it was just about time for them to bring
me back into town.
That totally ruined my day because He has been promising
me that he would do that for weeks and when he was finally
in the mood someone had to go and ruin it for me! (But he
promised me that he would tomorrow night and that its not a
promise that is to be broken because he's staying at my
house until wednsday night at 11 anyway!) So I'm hoping
that tomorrow is going to be better than today! ITs
already 11:43 and I'm not tired. I have to do the dishes
(that just made my day so much better) and I have to go to
bed soon so that I can get up at 8:00 to babysit and see
Ron tomorrow at 9:00!!!! IM hapy yet im sad! Well I
better get going. talk to you later!.....
Love always and forever,

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