Lesbian bullshit
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2001-08-20 03:33:29 (UTC)

girls: blah

Hmm, I'm kinda confused. I like a girl named
Mildred but...I know that shes just not right for
me. I mean I dated her once before but she pretty-
much screwed me over. Although she did that, I
still have this never-ending liking for her. I
don't know what to do. We never talk, we never
see eachother anymore, but yet still I like
her...alot. It sucks, I don't wanna like her, I
don't even think shes a nice or pretty for that
matter-person. But what can I say...I still like
her. Its starting to piss me off that I want her
yet I won't let myself have her, and deep down
inside its like I don't want her, FUCK IM SOOOOOO