Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
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2002-11-21 21:33:32 (UTC)

Step! Step! One, Two, Step!

Been going nuts on the DSPE last couple days and its just
as well because I've been pigging out like the little
glutten bitch that I am. Overdid it yesterday though and
the bottom of my legs hurt slightly. It puts quite a
damper on my efforts and makes me look worse than I really
am. Plus it pisses me off big time. I need to bleed, just
for the feeling if nothing else. But I don't have any
useable razor blades! My razor is stupid and secure and
knives don't cut me very much anymore. I long for another
cut like the one in Barshaw Park in the other life. Its
scar reminds me well.

Anyway, started my Sociology essay today, got just under
900 words done in a couple hours and am now in the labs
trying to finish it off. Being online gives me too many
distractions and have only done about 200 words since I
got her a half hour ago. Need to focus.

Till Next Time Space Kittens!