Silent Eyes

Lost in this place
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2002-11-21 19:57:21 (UTC)


While going to class Tuesday I bumped into a friend and
told him to have fun at the Tool Concert...I've seen them
before and love their music, but I didn't truly understand
and feel alive until I saw them the second time in
concert...He told me to have fun at the concert and I
looked at him strangely I have to work and I didn't get
tickets...He wished me happy belated birthday and before I
knew it I was on my way....When I walked in and the
beginning band came on I felt as if I could hear
him...insane I know, I felt how insecure he was and his
wanting to please the crowd...It felt kinda sad and he
looked kinda funny...It seemed like hours passed and
finally Tool came out...They were AMAZING! No Lie if you
haven't seen them in concert and you like their music see
them...They "opened my third eye" and made me see a little
more of this world...everything feels so different and my
attitude and comprehension of everything has become
clear...What happened I couldn't tell ya...At one point I
felt myself walk on stage and seep into the
videos...Maynard moved so relaxed and confident like
nothing mattered he let the rythem flow right through
him...I was mezmorized by his every movement(not in a
sexual way) He seemed to be talking through the rythem and
the energy was so great it started to hurt...My heart was
beating so hard and I couldn't stop the energy from coming
through... They are the smartest band out their and not
until that night did I actually hear and feel them...Some
say that Jesus makes them feel what I felt...but I was so
greatful I didn't know what to do or who to release the
energy to...So to anyone who reads this....Hear their music
listen and analyze "Question Authority" and "pry open YOUR
third Eye"

~Silent Eyes
Also Danny Carey and the drummer from Mashooga were amazing
with their 5 min. long drum solo I've never seen such talent

They speak truth and don't underestimate our intelligence
like so many other bands out there...."Let's have some
intelligent fun"

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