Nick's Journal
2002-11-21 16:34:35 (UTC)

# 200

So this is the big 200. wow i can't believe i've written
200 of these things. it's been so much fun. anyhow, i
figure i might as well pick soomething that will make me
look atleast somewhat erudite, or you can just look at
this # 200 as an excuse for me to spout didactic pseudo-
intelletualistic bullshit at you.
the topic : Anti-american Americanism
what i've found odd is that people are doing their utmost
to go against the government. especially at colleges, but
then again being surprised about that is like bieng
surprised that people are having sex at a brothel. sure
protesting is a part of the lives of over-privileged
college students that smell. what i find very curious is
the fevor with which they are not only defending their
acts as a right, but as a DUTY. apparently uttering anti-
american sentiment is what this country is founded on.
ok, so basically what i'm talking about are the articles
in our school newspaper.
all of them say how the very right to protest is what
defines our freedom. so in other words, anti-americanism
is a bit of a trend. especially now that they have some
more stuff to protest about (war in iraq).
I just think it's kind of funny that a paradox would ever
become a trend amongst people that don't shower. i was
thining about how annoyoing these protestors are, and i
just thought about how they don't really stand for their
cause but for their own inadequacies. (see on being a's somewhere in there). anyhow, i'm just
so sick of these idiots parading around and whining about
every god damn thing. but then i thought, "geez, nick
what does it hurt you?" if anything it helps me!! i mean
they're doing their duty, and it shouldn't bother you.
so i figured i'm wrong all along.
don't get me wrong, i'm not against liberals, even though
they're annoying. i'm as much against conservatives cos
they're annoying. basically whenever i argue against
something it's because i cant' stand the people that stand
for it. which is why i chastize people for not believing
in their principles.
so in other words i have myself become a paradox. a non-
protesting protestor. all i do is bitch about others, but
think of how much funnier it is. i mean it shouldn't
bother me that these people use trends as validation of
their own lives, if anything i should applaud them....but
still, it's too much fun to actually corner them on why we
should save guinea pigs from getting shaved.