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2002-11-21 16:21:58 (UTC)

Winter Solstice Girl

I asked her once
where are you,
where have you been,
and where were you
when the towers fell.

I listened and watched
her lips forming the words
while steam slipped from
glass covered sauce pots of
dream water I swallowed
when the boat sank.

Yes, I was poor once,
and hungry, wandering lost in
cluttered streets filled with
paintings and bruised fruit that I
feared eating in the loud moonlight
with only shirttails to cover me.

But now I walk my dogs among
trees that even God has left alone,
pouring wine evenly in our glasses,
smiling as her freckles stop moving the
dust motes that twirl in her light.

And on the morning after the night of the
day that I slowly scraped ice from the
window, she knocked and said
follow me. Follow me to
the pour down place.
I want you to
watch me
wash you

I slip sometimes and speak to her of plans
for the spring and for the
time when summer comes.

copyright 2002 RSD

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