One Fucked Up World
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2002-11-21 15:28:40 (UTC)


I am sick, and i feel like shit. The doctors think i either
got strep or mono. I have these weird lumps on the back of
my tounge that almost touch my dangly thing ahhh i hate it.
I am realy mad at my parents b/c i have beeen grounded the
past 3 weeks this weekend will be my 4th week grounded, and
i am grounded b/c i got a D and a D on my report card but
now one of those grades is a A and the oher is C, but they
still wont unground what the hell. Anyone got any ideas? oh
yea they wont let me go to my school dance, and it really
pisses me off, i really wanted to go. Help me please, i am
going insane ah help!!

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