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2001-08-20 01:27:02 (UTC)


My parents have gone camping for a few days.
My sister is at a treble charger concert tonight (and
probably part of tomorrow morning).
My best friend is at church.
My boyfriend is "out with the guys".
I fuckin hate this. I want to do something....
Everyone I call is working, or out with friends, or too
busy. I did my homework (all that I can possibly stand to
do in one day, anyways. I still have two units left...), I
worked... I practiced for my piano exam on Wednesday.
I really don't feel like bumming in front of the computer
for hours... I feel like that right before I have to go to
work or sumthing. Now I can do it all night, and I don't
want to. I want to just cuddle up with my boyfriend.
Fall asleep with him.
Screw everything else.
Two nights in a row... I can't handle being away from him
for this long. Some people survive months, years even
apart from their lovers. What a wimp I am. Two days.
I'd watch a million scary movies tonight, if it meant being
with him. No bean. No comfort sex. (Although I don't
think that he would say no to that one.) Nothing.
I don't even want to go to bed early, cause I'll just end
up waking up early, and tomorrow is my day off, so I want
to be able to sleep in.....
What to do, what to do?
I can't write all night, so I'm gonna take off.
Watch tv (yeah right! not in a million years!) or sumthin.
bye guys.