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2002-11-21 07:36:30 (UTC)


MKAY! I found some time to write in this baby!! Or... i
might just be procrastinating writing my English essay...
haha but that's besides the point!! ANYWHOS!! I was just
remembering today how awesome my 8th grade year was and how
lucky i was to be with those AWESOME people!! I mean i
loved ALL of them!! Even the most annoying girls and guys,
but esp. girls! Our class was so close too!! After all
those deaths and bad stuff in 5th grade.. Well the reason i
bring this up is because today i was laughing with some old
school buddies about what the hell i did in algebra 1 last
year. HAHAHAHA!! What the HELL did i do during that 50 mins
of MATH?!?! hahaha!!! That's the question of many others
too. I mean.. our teacher would have us do these examples
and stuff like that.. and we had a lot time to do homework
too... and i didn't do any of that... ANY of it!! hahaha!!
SO WHAT THE HELL DID I DO?!? I remem joking and talking w/
the guys occasionally when we had a like a 50th lesson
party or something haha aka a lame excuse to eat and do
nothing during class but talk. Those were such good
times!!! I remem poking the guy's balls and stuff w/ the
metric ruler from far away hahaha and then crawling under
desks with people.. oh those were good times!! And the guys
got away with EVERYTHING 8th grade year!!! They could yell
out FUCK as loud as they could and i got in trouble for
saying.. "DOOD!! he's molesting the chair!!" anyways!! I
miss good ol' 8th grade... sooo many good times... I just
talked to a friend of mine who used to be one of my bestest
buddies at my old school then she went to a diff. school
and our friendship pretty much ended.. like yesterday was
the first time in like 3 months we talked.. and it was like
for 10 min maximum. ;( It's like i don't mean shit to her
anymore.. and its hurts like FREAK! We used to be sooo
close and now we're like nothing. ;( We did so much stuff
together.. we did a lot of road trips and traveling
together.. we had SO much fun too!! ;( Funny how things
work out. ANYWHO!! I have a date this saturday!! can't
WAIT! hhaha!! We're going to see.. HP2! that's just a cool
way of saying harry potter 2.. hahaha oh SHIBBY!! TURKEY
DAY IS COMING UP!!! i dont' even like turkey that much.. i
just don't feel like going to school. haha shibbylicious!!
anywhoz!! i think this is pretty darn sufficent!!

sooooooo yea!! leave me some messages and make me feel
special!! ;D i won't bite!! haha