2002-11-21 07:30:28 (UTC)

all the shit

all the shit .....i don't know what to do . i want my life
simple , and boring. money can't buy happiness, money can't
buy no shit. i feel reall cheap , easy and have no self
respect for myself. i want too much. my center of the
universe is not the same anymore. god, i am crying, i am
fucking crying. i am not myself anymore. so hard. i am
feeling very messed up. i am a total loser, at least i feel
like a total loser inside. i wany my mommy. she's the one
can always support me, always on my side. no matter what
happened to me. it really hurts her when she see my cry. i
don't think anybody can love me so much for who i am. i
still care so much. i need to get away from this, get away
from all the crap in my life. can i not be amy for a day ?
i am just really emotionally stressed out. my thoughts are
going crazy , even my dreams are messed up. i am fucked.
it's over ....yet i still appreacite everything i have, the
only things i have left.

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