Book of the Purple Faerie
2002-11-21 07:24:44 (UTC)

Fruits Basket... Am I the Riceball?

We had roommate night today and finished watching Fruits
Basket, an anime series that we recently started. Twenty-
six episodes long and I really really enjoyed it. It was
seriously hard to pick a favorite character, and I am yet
torn between my love of Kyo and Yuki, the cat and the
mouse. All of the characters were so much fun, the only one
I can claim to not liking was Akito (FUCKING BASTARD!!!). I
could identify with a lot of the characters who constantly
questioned where they belonged. Lately I've been having
feelings like that too, a lot of anxiety... Questioning
what I'm doing at SRU. I like writing, but is it really
what I want to do with my life? Can I do it? Am I taking
the right courses? What should my minor be? Will I have to
stay an extra semester? Or am I just waisting my time and
money being here? Maybe I just can't do it. Maybe I don't
have a good reason to be here.

And yet... I love it here. Not SRU itself; it's cold and
boring. But I love it here: the class I have with Heather,
learning about the multiple themes of Dracula, being
a "back row hoe" with Bipps and Abby, learning about
people... and especially burning the midnight oil with my
roomies... and having lunch with Beth and Jason and Hack
and Deb and Chris... having everyone over in our room
almost every night. I learn so many things both at class
and just farting (literally) around my room in the
evenings. I'm happier now then I've been in a while, to be
surrounded by so many great people. I just wonder more and
more if I have what it takes... and where I stand. I hate
those feelings, so I try to just bury them under my happy

A small ray of hope: My Anthropology teacher returned the
extra credit assignment and gave me full 5 points. As a
note on the side, she added "Nichole- no Nicole, You're a
very good writer and you have many positive things to say!"
I was really touched by that compliment. Makes me glad I'm
taking a class with her next semester.

Glatz has asked for some help with a project of his. I was
scared to try before, but I think I'm going to really give
it a shot now... I'd really like to contribute to his
company when the time comes, but right now, I'm afraid that
I'm not skilled enough to do anything, so I was reluctant.
But I know that for any writer to succeed, they have to get
their work out there, so this could be good practice, like
Writing for Media and Film next semester. Now all I need is
an example of what he's done so I can analyze what he
wants... ^.^*** Michelle has his project saved on her
computer but...

We can't figure out how to open it... ^.^***

I'm going to bed soon. Honors meeting at common hour, lots
of stuff I ought to catch up on.

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