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2002-11-21 07:07:33 (UTC)



sigh. today was just great.

so this is what went on today...i came home and told my
entire family that i was gay...everyone knows now my
parents, and my sisters, and my brothers and despite all
the hoopla you hear about people saying how great it is to
finally come just feels's wonderful
don't get me wrong but i guess you have it built up in your
head and you want it to feel a certain way...more
visceral...realer than real...hyperreal...but its not like
that...its not a movie...i told them and my sisters
laughed...they said they already parents kinda
looked a little shocked/depressed/confused but they took it
well...ten minutes after i told them we were already
redecorating my room!! but we exchanged hugs and they just
want me to be happy and i respect that and i love them for
it...i know they love me too and that is what feels
right...then i got a salmon bone stuck in my throat!

how did that happen you ask? well of course you didn't ask
but i'll tell you anyways...i was eating my dinner as i
always do (standing up at the kitchen counter) and eating
it in a hurry because i did just tell my family i was gay
and i had to pick up natalie that whore to tell her all
about it...well lo and behold i get a piece of bone lodged
in my throat...i didn't choke just hurt because it
was lodged in my throat...well after many many minutes
drinking lots of water and swallowing large large chunks of
hard bread to help dislodge my horrendous salmon bone
nothing worked...i went to pick up nat and in the back of
the rogers store i attempted to induce vomiting as a last
minute survive or die thing...well i forced my fingers in
my throat and magically i felt the evil bone...i didn't
vomit no but i felt the bone! realizing i can stick my
fingers down my throat i (after 5 or 6 attempts) put my
fingers on the bone and pull it out...only to realize it
wasn't a bone at all bute merely a twig of
rosemary...sigh... other headlining news i listened to a very
intelligent man by the name of mark crispin miller speak
today at ryerson...osama bin laden and the entertainment
state...this is a minute fraction of what i learned:

1. osama bin laden and saddam hussein are not friends or
allies. they are enemies.
2. george w. bush is a manipulative, insane powerhungry
schizoid in charge of america.
3. osama bin laden's older brother contributed money to w.
bush's first electrical company.
4. donald rumsfeld is mandating that people who refuse the
smallpox vaccine can be arrested.
5. the world is going to war....

and on that note i end the seventh and go to sleep and
ponder a life where...well you know what i don't know what
kind of life i'll be pondering...maybe i'll just think
about going out this weekend...