Fallen from grace

One day at a time...
2001-08-20 00:59:40 (UTC)

the fair...

Steele County Fair. I was last with my Jersey calf. Last
with my other calf. Last with my cow. And third out of
four in the daughter dam class. Showmanship I didn't make
it into the top four so I didn't get placed. It just
sucked as a whole. At least we weren't in with the goats.
Keith did come and help which was a big help because then I
didn't have to be up there all the time. I got to go home
Friday afternoon and didn't have to come back until
Saturday afternoon.
I hope Jamie goes to orientation tomorrow. I'm pretty sure
Kaitlyn will be there which is good, but it'd be really
good if Jamie was there because I wouldn't have to waste my
mom's stamps.
We looked at silicone feet at my prosthetic appointment on
Thursday. We saw a hand made the same way cuz they didn't
have a foot made, but there were pictures of them. It was
really kind of freaky because the hand was so realistic:
nails, veins...every thing! I nearly cried looking at the
pictures because they're so real and in a year I could have
that and leave all those insecurities and teasing
behind...it's just really overwhelming.
After that whole thing we went to have the skin tags
removed. They gave me really crappy novacaine. It only
half worked. But whatever. The pain wasn't too bad...just
when they were giving me the novacaine. After they cut
them off Dr. Wilkinson came in with some thing that looked
kind of like one of those mechanical toothbrushes (sounded
like it too) but it had a much finer tip. I'm laying there
freaking out saying, "What's that?!" He's like, "Oh it's
just something to burn and seal your skin to stop the
bleeding." Me, "Oh great...it's bleeding?" Doesn't that
sound just like me?
Great...Nate's here. A ~*WHOLE*~ week hearing nothing
but "so what did Andi say about me????" Woohoo yay...