2001-08-20 00:48:55 (UTC)

sad worlds

hello sad worlds?? i think i donno i am sick so i dont know
ne thing right nowbut o well we can all live a sucky life
at one point or another, i dont know how i got sick tho i
babysat kids that could have been sick but i think we can
all live its just a little cold *srugs* chris called wo
warning today tho i told him to cause i thought that my
rents wouldnt b home cause they were at g-gmas and i stayed
home cause i was sick and yea my mom didnt let us talk long
bout 10min but i think i can live well talk more often
hopefully tho school is startin next monday so i wont b on
the comp that often :*( we all live dont we..i dont lol
well watever i got to try some watermelon spike today (jack
daniels) mmmm it was good tho er i wasnt sposed to o well
heheh well i b goin now toots