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2001-08-19 23:03:57 (UTC)

Here it is...

Dustin is on, but he is gone... After I left his house and got
home the other day, I waited on another screen name for him
to get online... and he finally did. I waited about 15
minutes and then I signed on as divaliz521. I asked him if
i was the girl he had seen at the square, and he said that
i was :) and he said that i should come to his house, so we
can play 7 minutes in heaven- haha- soooo cute! So i'm
thinkin we could hook up... but then theres the Kevin
factor... he is so perfect~ and I miss him... he is talking
to me now- i asked him casually about Jen, and he said that
she asked him. But he didnt' sound very enthused about it
(not like i could really tell from online, but ya kno) so
cute. talented. sweet. He just said he wanted to come over
and visit me... yay! maybe theres hope for us yet... at
least a friendship, that I know we both want. Homecoming is
already a month away, and I hope I get a date! Til then
I'll just go with the flow of things, and hope the my plan
is still goin on its way...

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