my life
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2002-11-21 04:36:41 (UTC)


well it hasnt been too long since i was here..i wouldnt
be here now but its 11:10 and everyone i talk to has gone
to sleep, jeeze people did we get sleeping pills??? oh well
that just gives me extra time to sit here and ponder
do u get over a guy that you like sooo much?? i mean
seriously you find someone who u really like and who is
sweet and he ends up either having a gf or being in love
with someone who he cant have. its funny how me and one of
my friends actually have the same problems at the same
time. i am usually good with getting over people cuz i
usually dont have anyone and are good at giving advice to
help others but shit im stuck this time. i was over it well
i thought i was, actually i made myself get over it cuz i
didnt want to feel how i did but damnit for some reason i
wasnt. i was helping my friend to kinda get over this guy
but tonight things changed and i cant do it. i like this
guy again and i cant help her get over the guy she likes.
it just sucks cuz we always end up likeing people who we
never end up getting, can we sad truely terrible luck?? or
what is it?? i dont know..im sick of trying to figure
people out anymore. i starting to think that its really
impossible to figure people out cuz everyone is always
changing all the time. i wonder what makes people tick
sometimes and what makes them act the way they do. no im
not goin crazy so dont worry:) track starts now so who
knows what will happen there..oh by the way the guy my
friend likes is in love with someone else and mine well
thats changed so i dont know what to say there. i think
he's condraticted(sorry cant spell)himself cuz of what ive
observed but who knows. i set things straigh tonight and he
knows how i feel but ive told 2 diff. people 2 diff. things
so i dont know what might happen with that:/ (SAM YOU CAN
COME BACK IN NOW)hehe..ill take a break from that and tell
about the past few weeks. me, david, and logan went to the
bball game saturday. we lost but thats ok, even though i
really wanted us to beat gap(no offense gap people, i have
my reasons). then me, david, and lizzy went to the bball
game tuesday night at EMU. ahh we didnt get back till 11:15
and the players got back before us?? how the hell?? i was
soo freaking tired that night for some reason. i think
lizzy did something to the food we got..hehe. david wanted
to look at cars so we stopped at some place for about 10
min but still we left before the players did. gosh. oh we
won that game by the way:) now we go to play in orange
tomorrow night but too bad i aint drivin that far. id kinda
like to go so that i could see if jess gets to her 1000
point mark but oh well i dont feel like goin that far..and
no sam i dont want to visit trison, hey he should come
watch yall.. last weekend a bunch of people went bowling
and then to jasons house..fun fun. some people are just too
caught up in that diplomacy game..ahhh..im prolly goin to
see our schools musical this weekend along with some other
stuff so that outta be cool..umm lets see what else have i
been doin..im glad this week is almost over cuz i need a
few days off. gosh how times flown..im not tired but i
gotta go to bed now or ill be bitchy in the mornings..i
mean wait im always wide awake and happy in the
mornings.hahah i make myself laugh with that one..ill be
back sometime soon or before the end of the year:)