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2001-08-19 22:43:24 (UTC)

Friendly Friends and nasty friends

Since I will keep on going on about my mates I should tell
the very few ppl who reads this(if that!)what my friends
are like.

Little Luke- My best friend we met each other at secondary
school and we have known each other 2 years he is really
cool and we share most interests and we like most things.

Big Luke- we also met each other 2 years ago he is 5 years
older than me and is really cool sadly he is going to Uni
in a month *sob sob*

Alex- we knew each other when we was little but we hated
each other but now we get on... kinda he has a habit of
only thinking of himself!

Jorrel- He is very very cool we really get on and we share
the same taste in music (r'n'b) which comes in handy when
my other friends don't.

Mahir- He is a great friend to have a good laugh with
mostly at all his dirty remarks!

Poppy- My pet cat she is always there for me when my legs
are cold however she also leaves them hairy lol

Zahir- He is a great joker u always come to hom when you
need cheering up he even makes u laugh by saying hello!

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