humming bird

my F***ed up head
2002-11-21 03:48:18 (UTC)

crazy shit

yeah so listen to htis bullshit- sami and nikki got into a
fight and by fioght i meanlike hitting and kicking and hair
pulling and all that stupid shit and then the enxt day in
school sami like convinced herself i was wearing her shirt
even tho it was nikkis and she comes up to me and we were
just like bitching at eachother forveer and then she walked
past me and brushed up against my should just to be a bitch
so ui pushed her and then she turned and punched me in the
back- first of all who does that- who punches someone when
their back is turnred that is so low. and so yeah we both
got suspended - GAY i didnt even get to hit her which i
wish i had if i was gonna get in trouble for it anywayz.
but yeah so then i got the rest of the week off right well
today was jasons b -day so i called and left a message
sayin " hey jason this is julie i was just calling cuz if i
remember right then today is your b-day and i jsut wanted
to say happy birthday and i dont mean that in a bad way or
anything, i dont really expect you to call me back but i
jsut wanted to say that , so yeah, happy birthday and ttyl,
bye" well he fucking called me back ! wtf right?!?!? well
yeah so he called me back- the kid who i havent talked to
in like seriously almost 6 months i think , the kid who i
lost my virginity to and who broke my heart and who i swear
i think i am still in love with and its been almost a year
since we started going out and its all totally bogus i mean
i talked to him for like half an hour and now of course i'm
gonna htink about it forever but now that im thinking about
it part of me really doesnt miss him that much cuz its been
so long but whatev cuz then yeah part of me wants him to
call me tomorrow to be like whats up lets chill? and there
is some song called pretty girl by like sugar cult i dunno the
words but i want them it is such a good song cuz it is
totally like what i went thru with jason and it was o weird
cuz all this shit was like reminding me of him today too
and likei found this note from him that i had been looking
for when i gave him back all of his shit ove the summer but
i couldnt find it and i found it today cuz i was cleaning
my room but it was so weird like seriously and i picked up
the phone and dialed the first 6 digits of his number and
thenhung up cuz i couldnt do it and then i went and raked
leaves for an hour and then when i came back in i called-
if i had called the first time i tried i would have talked
to him but i am so glad that i got to ealve a message that
is soooooo much better becuz then that gave him the choice
to call me back and he did! which is CRAZY. but yeah i am
gonna go now or else ill go on forver-peace- julz