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2001-08-19 22:31:52 (UTC)

just read it im tired of thinking of topics!!

Hey yall well after church everyone was crying and hugging
me and all im not into the emotianal thing uhhhh well my
cuzin ashley came over and we swam and ate cake its westins
burthday today LOL well he is 12 now and yeah thats it umm
lets see i hade a boring day my friend called and wouldnt
leave me alone about not going to church tonight i want to
in all but i just cant i have to spend time with my daddy
well heres a poem i wrote.....
I don't exist to you
But u definitely exist to me
All you think about is that girl. Who?
But all I think about is you.

It's not fair
After all I shared
You're always in my head
And to you I might as well be dead

Now you wont talk to me
Now you try to avoid me
Now you hate me,
Just for that E-mail from me to you

You'll never talk to me again
Things will never be the same
After I told you all my feelings
And know your just making me feel ashamed

Ashamed of what I did
I know it was a mistake
But hey it was just a love note
It wasn't a joke

So sorry for telling you the truth
Sorry for being the girl that likes you
Sorry for the feelings I shared
And most of all I'm sorry for believing you cared
~Amanda Kioner~

Yeah i like poetry but umm its obviously about a guy a guy
i like that just wants to be friends in all ok well he is
totaly trying to ignore me what the heck? i didnt do crap
to him!!! well ive gots to go ill ttyl luv yall

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