Sweet Child

Sweet Life
2001-08-19 22:03:58 (UTC)

What's love?

When exactly do you really love someone? Is it when you
can talk to them? When you know who they are? How about
when they are the cutest guy/girl in school? Huh? Is it
when you want to kiss them in the morning even though they
haven't brushed their teeth yet? When? I think I'm falling
in love with someone I shouldn't. I know love is patient
but can love work fast? I think I'm falling in love with
someone I shouldn't. Why is love so complicated? Why is
their love that shouldn't be? Why? Why does God bring me
love when I know it will be taken away from me? Why does
God take the love away from me? Does he think I'm some sort
of super woman & can handle anything? Well I'm not. By the
way I don't want any advice, replies or as I like to call
it, your bull shit. Okay?! Got it?! Alright then. Any way,
why does this happen? I can't love him. I don't want him to
get hurt. I don't want to get hurt. I'm not letting God
take this one away from me this time. I'm falling in love
with him & no one will hold me back. No one will stop me. I
AM falling in love with him & no matter what I'm not
letting this one go. May be it's not God taking him away
from me. It's people, today. I won't let them. God brought
him to ME. People say I have plenty of time to fall in love
but what if I don't? Do PEOPLE really know?!!! I don't
think so. Once again more bull shit. May be it is too soon
but I'm still falling in love with him. I know alot of
people out there aren't too happy about it but oh fuckin
well. It's not your life is it? No, I didn't think so. So
please everyone just back off & let me love. I may be only
14 as some ASS WHOLE suggested but I am not too young to
love. If I have to which I'm very close to doing I will
leave to be on my own. I know it may not be legal & I'll
have to hide but as long as I can love I don't care. I will
be happy with love. Don't anyone say I can't do. It'll be
just like saying "I dare you!" We all know how that goes.
Right? Well, I'm sorry if they may sound mean but I'm an
angry person falling in love right now. I don't know what
else to say. All there is left to say is I'm falling in
love with someone who the world says I shouldn't fall in
love with & I won't let anything stop me from loving him.