No Matter How Hard I Try...
2002-11-21 01:29:59 (UTC)

so tired

I've been SO tired this week. It's crazy! I slept for 9 1/2
hours Friday night, 10 hours Saturday night, 9 hours Sunday
night, 8 hours Monday night, 6 hours last night and I am
still tired! AHHH! DIE TIREDNESS. On a good note, I'm not
throwing up or oozing anymore. My ears hurt a little and a
get mild headaches...but other than that I am getting
better. When I drink cold stuff it burns and sometimes my
breathing gets shallow and I choke for air...but it is
rare. I am getting better! Still confused about some stuff
though. Well, I am going to sleep cuz my eyes are burning
like crazy. Well, that is the one thing that hasn't dies
down. My eyes. They water BAD in the mornings and burn all
day long even when I close them. Later.