Life as I know it.
2001-08-19 21:40:10 (UTC)

Look ma, i got beads

well I did. Last night at a Mardi Gras party and I didnt
have to do anything for them at all...the bartender just
threw a whole bunch on my neck. He's a cutie too. Too bad
I was probably sloppy drunk in the fact that when I came
home last night I puked for about 5 minutes, oh and here is
the kicker, all I had on was my quilt draped around me
cause i thought i was just going to pass out then i felt
like i was gonna puke, couldnt find anything to throw on
really fast so i wrapped myself up and puked ON MY BALCONY
(but thankfully it was just alcohol and no food so that was
an easy clean up this morning). I remember the one time i
was butt ass naked puking on my balcony, that was after oh
40 shots of tequilla in an hour (yeah im dumb but it was 5
margaritas with 8 shots of tequilla each). No one saw me
that time. I swear half my neighbors probably have seen me
in some state of undress. It doesnt bother me though, I
mean if they want to looko go ahead, y ou know? Im a naked
woman, many women go around naked, so im one of millions.
Just my lil philosophy.

THe night before last night i once again got drunk, but not
hardly even drunk, highly buzzed if you will. Went to see
my friend NIck's drag show with JOhn. Im upset that like
NO ONE goes and sees his shows anymore, he really is a
great performer, hell he makes a better woman than I do.
But like in the begining there would be like 20 of us just
going to see NIck, and in a matter of a year its just me
and John...occassionally Heidi appears but thats it. I'd be
pissed off if i was a drag queen and no one saw me

Anyway tonight Im probably gonna hang up in the ghetto part
of town were kristin lives....hahahah...she thought i lived
in the ghetto at least mine is all UofPitt and CMU students
ghetto...she lives by crack houses ghetto, like with adults
and all that shit. and her apt is $150 more a month than
mine. And mine is bigger, in a better area, has two
balconies, allowed pets, and i live on a street that just
happens to have a lot of hot men on it (and my ex boyfriend
but hey i can live). I also have to call down Heathers to
see if Jay is alright, heather doesnt want to seem like she
cares about her brother but she makes me call him instead
when she isnt there. AND hopefully my hangover goes
away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pray for this.

hasta la vista baby

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