Stacey Marsh

my messed up life...
2001-02-02 04:48:58 (UTC)


Well I'm grounded from the phone for a week now, not that
much punishment. I told my mom I only drove the car to
Circus Circus and to the store to vaccuum it. So now she
thinks one of my friends was taking the car at night when
Cathy and I were a sleep. Anyways I'lve been talking to my
brother lately he says he's gonna take me snowboarding and
also take me out for my 16th bday which is march 29th. He
also said he'ld try and hook me up a fake ID when I'm 16. I
also told him where all I drove the car and we talked about
other personal stuff it was nice actually tlking to him
though. We never talked in our whole lives cuz I was too
imature back then and he was too grown up but now that I'm
growing up we talk more and I like it. He's gonna pick me
up from work sometime this weekend. He's pretty cool and
he's almost 22. I am having more troubles w/ my dad he
still calls me a bitch! I fuckin hate him sometimes! I am
definately moving out as soon as I get the money. Gen and I
are planning on moving in together. I told her about IAN
even though she already knew cuz that asshole JT told her
and he told her I was talking shit about her so I am fuckin
pissed @ him! Now I know why I didn't like him for some
reason! He's shady! Well I found out recently that my
grandpa is dieing for sure now and he has a lung problem
and one of his lungs wont work so he is on the machine and
theres nothing to do about it. Tomorrow morning my grandma
is gonna discuss with the doctors if and when she's gonna
have them take him off of it. My mom asked me if I wanted
to see him before they took him off and I told her I'ld
think about it but I duno if I wanna cuz it's too painful
but then my grandpa might like to see me I still haven't
cried yet and I don't plan on crying even though it's
getting harder to hold it in, but I don't like to cry. well
I just found out recently that some how this one bitch
somehow found out about me and Ian and I am pissed! Cathy
told some people about. So now people are saying I took it
in the ass and I'm a slut and I wnt that bitch to get her
ass beat! I am getting sick of my sister she's a bitch and
a big mouth she does everything I do goes everywhere I do
and "tries" to be cool and shell drink just a little
alcahol and pretend to be drunk and try to be funny and it
gets really annoying, I'm not the only one that thinks so.
I'm gonna hit her SO hard one of these days. well G2G!