soul survivor
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2002-11-21 00:35:04 (UTC)

brand new conclusion!

Dear Journal.

i came to a new conclusion. I don't need guys, sure i love
em, but i don't need them. The only person i need is
myself. They can't make me happy. All their gonna do is
hold me down and tell me what to do. I hate ppl telling me
what to do, and i don't like holding me down. I'll do the
opposite if they tell me something. I hate controlling
freaks. And most of the guys i have dated are controlling
So i'm gonna be single until i'm ready to be with someone
or come across someone whose "WORTH my TIME" not their
time, cause whats worth to them is a "ONE NIGHT STAND" here
and there. And i'm not about that, i want an actual
relationship. Some how i can't find it in this gay ass
town. i think i'll just wait until i move outta here, maybe
there'll be more respectful guys who actually care.
so with that, i'm gonna wait to have sex too, not gonna
have a one stand, well actually i want to have one cause at
least one person has one in their life haha... it'll be
cool. but i'm not gonna sleep around and have a bad rep in
this town. i dont' need it. i already have a rep of being
daryls cousin, mess with her you mess with the crew. thats
just bad enough and it's horrible cause "EVERYONE" knows
him and when they find out i'm daryls cousin it's like omg.
but there's the advantages of it, no one can play me cause
they will get their butts kicked. i love it.

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