Inside My Head
2001-08-19 20:37:14 (UTC)

All About Me

Well, since this is my first entry, I'd probably better
tell you about myself:


I am 15 years old (well, on September 5-send me a card,
why don't you?)and I go to MCHS in Madison, MS. I like
lots of different music, mainly alternative, indie cuts,
and punk. I am intelligent, at least intelligent enough to
stay away from boy bands. I'm blond, but not a blond.
I'm really good at English, Math, and Art. Currently,
I'm enrolled in Latin I, Art I, Theater I, Keyboarding,
Geography (geoggers), Geometry (geommers), Biology
(blodge), and English I accelerated. What a whirlwind
Could you really say I'm a type of person? Not
really. I have lots of different friends all over the
place, and I have tons of different interests. I am one of
approximately 2 liberals in the State of Mississippi. But,
I study, like to read, actually have fun at school, don't
drink or anything, and I'm happy where I am.
My family- I have a twin sister who looks nothing like me (so
don't bug me about it), a little sister, parents who live together in
a lovely marriage, 2 West Highland White Terriers, 5 cats (7,7,1,and
6 monthsx2), and 2 gerbils (not mine).


*food-Open Oysters from Godiva Chocolates (they're
hazelnut, yummy)

*drink-water (how bland)

*bands- Weezer, Blink 182, the Ataris, Pennywise, the
Donnas, Outkast, Rufus Wainwright, Supreme Beings of
Leisure, and Blur.

*movies- Romeo and Juliet, the Virgin Suicides, Best in
Show, Sixteen Candles, Animal House, Shrek, Scary Movie,
and (oooh, guilty pleasure) the Princess Diaries.

*books- The Virgin Suicides, Angus, Thongs, and Full
Frontal Snogging,The Princess Diaries, The Portrait of
Dorian Gray, and many more.

*tv shows- The Daily Show with John Stewart! It rocks, if you like
that sort of thing. And Temptation Island. NOT. I hate reality tv.