My Reality
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2002-11-20 23:42:19 (UTC)

What to do with boys....

Boys here lately have served little purpose to me, they are
starting to become more of a burden than a welcomed perk
and honestly i am just gettingtired of it. they say that
we, women, are difficult, well i beg to differ...i cant
decide if men are just so horribly simple that they make
shit harded than it is or if they are that damn petty and
analytical and obsessed with shit that they just harrass
you to the point of no return. what to do with boys...:
well they make great coat racks, they can hold really
heavey stuff for mee, they can dispose of any left overs
you have, its like dating a garbage disposal...umm they can
umm block the wind and the sun, they can keep you warm when
its nippy out, they umm umm umm, well hell if my opinion of
men as a whole were left up to how i viewed the guys that i
spent my time with now, then i would have to say becoming a
lesbian might seem a little more appealing. i miss boys
that treat me well and that allow me to treat them well
also...i just miss romance and cool boys..i miss boys that
try and make you feel good and not crappy all the on a mission to stop giving a damn what boys do
or say bc its just pissing me off..there are very few boys
in this world who have yet to piss me
dad....umm my grandfather....and a few guys from class but
thats about just waiting it not interested
in preston at all i dont want to date him i dont want to
fuck him i am thinking semi close friends i can
handle...but outside of that he pisses me off and treats me
badly way too much for me to really go past that....i can
handle our occassional wednesday dinners but outside of
that fuck it....i want someone who is going to show me off
and be proud to be with me and actually ask me to be wtih
them...its been so long since someone has said will you be
my girlfriend....god i miss being wanted that much...i miss
that affection and that emotion and that would
be good to hear it from josh..i think about that sometimes,
what it would be like to hear that from him, if i would
scream in joy if i would cry if i would just shake my head
in amazement romantic he would be about it..i like
to think of hearing him introduce me to all of his friends
and buddies as his just fills my heart with
warmth to think about it..i mean hell if i know if it will
ever come true, but i just know that i would be so proud to
say that i was his and to know that he thought i was
something worth showing off makes me feel even better...i
dnt knwo what fate and time has to offer he and i but i do
know that i am going to take advantage of what i get bc the
time that i am with him fills me with about a million times
the happiness that all the worthless dates and miserable
boyfriends and crappy come ones from the past. GOD I CANT