Me vs Life

me, the computer and a hell lot of love
2001-08-19 19:57:46 (UTC)


Today I went to the cinema with Big Luke and Little Luke to
see Rush Hour 2 it was very good but not as good as the
oringal I thought! When we came out a football match had
just finished and a few hundred fans came out going mad
throwing bricks and glass! Luckily we was alright but a cop
did shout at us to keep away from the side what ever
happened to manners! Afterwards we had to put up with cars
nearly running us over as they tried to get away! Ahh these
are the days that make it worth living!
I just went to McDonalds and Little Luke has just came
round and we are watching the The Simpsons this very minute.

Motto of the day Live life to the fullest