Bruce Wayne

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2002-11-20 21:56:45 (UTC)


I've been pretty deliquent in my posting so here comes the
latest and greatest.

Last Wednesday was an absolutely awesome week of Darts. The
Drunks secured 1st place in the Division, and a bye for the
first round of the playoffs. Personally I threw the best
I've thrown all season. I had a great 601 and pretty much
kept us int that one singlehandedly. I also threw the best
301 of the seasson. I destroyed my oponent and threw no
more than 6 darts at the out. In fact I hit the out in the
2nd game on my 3rd dart. Not too shabby. Our next match
will be December 4th..a little ways away. We're going to
get together tonight to play a bit just to keep in some
sort of rhythm.

Things with the Mrs have been a little weird. We don't seem
to agree on anything but there seems to be no room to talk
about it. I try to bring things up so we can discuss them
constructively but she seems to get very defensive and it
gets turned into this really negative situation where all
she seems to hear is that I'm saying that she's wrong, and
a bad person. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It's
sooo frustrating though. I try really hard to get us both
to a place where we can get some resolution and it always
seems to blow up in my face. She is sooo reluctant to take
responsibility for her part in all of it and I , inturn get
pissed because she just dismisses the whole thing.

We caught "the boy" with a beer cap and a bottle opener in
his book bag. When we confronted him he offered up a
completely unvelievable story. I was uneasy with justt
letting it go at that and we gave him another shot at the
truth and he stuck to his leaky story. She and I discussed
it and I was still uncomfortable with the whole thing. We
got into a big fight because she felt I wanted to perform
some inquisition and that I was being too aggressive. I
don't know how I could have been more gentle in talking to
her about the situation, and talking to him about lying to
us. In the light of some new evidence she decided we should
confront him again. We sat him down and I told him to
spill it because we knew everything...he folded like a
cheap lawn chair.

The Mrs called "the Boy's" father and explained the whole
situation. She was really aprehensive about calling him for
fear that he was going to blow the whole thing off and was
relieved when he didn't...and infact she thanked him for
taking the whole thing seriously. SHE THANKED HIM!!!!!!!!!

I couldn't believe it. She was barely talking to me and it
was because I was persistent about the whole thing that the
truth finally came out and I don't get anything resembling
thanks. She calls his shithead father and then thanks him
for living up to expectations. What the hell is wrong with
this picture. I said that we need to get in front of
someone to find out what is wrong with the way we
communicate...we'll see what happens.