I never wanted a desk job...
2002-11-20 21:55:23 (UTC)

Viral Anorexia and busted computers

How's that for a topic?

Today's been a shitty day. Shit, it's been a shitty week.
M just got over this weird stomach thing, I was all freaked
out the entire time because he wouldn't eat, and he's
already a skinny guy. But now I know what he's talking
about, because I have it now. It's not really a sick
thing; my stomach's a little crampy, I have NO appetite.

Since Monday, I've eaten a salad, two bites of stew, and a
couple french fries. And I LOVE food, we'll just leave it
at that. It's the weirdest thing. I had some orange juice
this morning and some chocolate milk at lunchtime just so I
knew that my body could get some sort of nutrients in it.
I'm just baffled. My mouth says EAT, but my stomach says
DO IT AND DIE. I ate a kiddie-sized order of french fries
as daily meal yesterday and about ralphed them back up
because I felt so full. Maybe it was all that shit on TV
about Al Roker getting his stomach surgery...lol We'll see
how long this lasts, maybe I'll lose a little weight.

But anyway, enough about that. I got to work today,
started up my computer, and decided to check my e-mail
really quick. Got this weird forward from a friend, so I
played it, and my computer froze up. Turns out my hard
drive was trying to kill itself. I sure hope that had
nothing to do with that damn forward, I will kill the girl
who sent it to me!!! But anyway, my computer's off being
fixed (it's almost 3 now, they took it away at 8), and I'm
stuck using the 'spare', which has a teeny-tiny screen
that's proceeded to give me a headache. OH MY GOD I CANNOT

Good note; there's an FSA food show tonight, and M gets to
go to it...it's being hosted by the hotel we work at, so
LOTS AND LOTS OF FREE SAMPLES. Last year some of the stuff
he came home with was a 5-pound ham, a half a case of
bacon, 5-6 different kinds of mustard, bags and bags of
pasta, and enough fried food to last us an entire year.
Wonder what we'll get this year...we got a little chest
freezer just for the occasion! Hopefully I'll get to eat
some of it...M already brought home a mocha Hagandaz (I
know, it's spelled wrong) ice cream cake yesterday...mmmmm
I can't wait to eat again...

Okay, smoke break time. shit two more hours what the fuck
am I gonna do? Okay have a nice day thanks for listening.