Soul Searcher
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2001-08-19 19:06:21 (UTC)

Does anyone feel the way I do?

I am a very emotional person. I like to get deep into my
thoughts. I know to some people that is crap but I know
there are others that feel the same as me because I have
ran into a few. You can't have a relationship with someone
who doesn't know how to feel themselves out from the inside
out and then share it all with you. That is the deepest
desire. I have met really only one person who can do that
for me, and guess what, it's not my husband. I never
cheated physically or anything but I guess you could say I
cheated with my soul. Or maybe it's not really cheating
when your significant other has never even seen your soul
because they don't want to because they are too caught up
in themselves. There is so much to people and half of
everyone probably doesn't even really know who they are. I
know who I am and I need someone who know's who they are or
is atleast willing to find out. God help me find my soul
mate because I need him right now!!!!