Electric monkey
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2001-08-19 18:57:47 (UTC)

8-19-01 [boat bummer]

well, so much for going boating today like i had been
planning. we were driving to the lake, through town [which
seems like the safe choice, being it a sunday morning]but
some guy decided to not stop at a stop sign [right there on
henderson where you cross over 2 lanes on atwater] and we
swirved making him miss our truck [my dads new one!] and he
smashed into the side of the boat. what a bummer. so that
sucks, and we didnt get to go boating. we had to stand
there waiting for the police. the college student that hit
us tried to take off, but my dad ran and stopped him.
stupid guy.
so instead of going boating i came home and washed my car.
and then looked at the moter with a blank stare as my dad
fixed it up with new parts and stuff. i just kinda stood
there and handed tools and crap. heheh...
i wanted to go out on the boat, but oh well.
now im at home, doing nothing cause i hadnt planned
anything cause i thought i wouldnt be here dang it. so i
think im going to go. probably listen to music. i found my
old def lepard tape from when i was little. im listening to
that right now. bye.

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