Soul Searcher
2001-08-19 18:41:45 (UTC)

Sunday, end of the weekend Aug.19, 2001

Well, Friday night Josh didn't come home until 8:00 so I
just took Joshua to Crystal's house with me. He had fun
with Christian. Saturday afternoon was Megan's birthday
party and that night I had to babysit for Josh's sister's
little girl Taylor. Well there was Josh's perfect
oppurtunity to spend some time with me and Joshua but
instead he had already left to go out before I even got to
the house to keep Taylor. He didn't get home until 3:00 AM
and then wondered why Joshua and I were sleeping on the
couch. (See we couldn't sleep in the bed and ask him to
sleep on the couch because he won't do it. I know from
experience.) Then today when he finally rolled out of bed
at 11:30 he was immediately on the phone and gone in 10
minutes. He never even said where he was going. Then he
calls me on my cellphone at 1:00 and has the nerve to ask
me if Joshua and I are doing anyhting and do we want to
hang out. I told him "No Thanks"!!! I will not be last
choice of the weekend. He should be putting his wife and
child before partying with his friends. He just had a
million excuses like I was too busy. Whatever, I had the
baby all weekend. I didn't get to do anything really.
What a jerk!! Don't you think? I am just so fed up. Is he
ever going to grow up or am I wasting my time?

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