This is the beloved air I breathe
2002-11-20 20:17:51 (UTC)

convictions are hard to follow through with

have you ever had an experience where you knew that there was
something that you just HAD to do, and you really just didn't want to
do it?

As I have been learning more and more about hearing the voice of God,
I have been getting that more and more. There are situations that
I'll be in where I'll know that God's putting it on my heart to say
something or to do something that will bring glory to him, but I
don't want to be uncomfortable.

This is a new occurrence for me, because before I never would have
even noticed those subtle nudgings in my heart - now I do. What I've
been doing recently is responding. I've been taking that chance and
stepping out in faith into the arms of Jesus and doing what he's been
asking of me. What is the end result? I'm blessed and the other
parties involved are able to see a little light of Jesus Christ.

I have a friendship where this has been the whole thing - stepping
out in faith. As I have been growing more bold in Jesus Christ, I
have been learning how I can glorify him in my friendships.
Sometimes it's awkward and sometimes I really don't want to do it,
but I've learned that if I do something that I absolutely know is in
line with what Jesus would have done, I'm covered. For instance if
there is a decision that has to be made between something that may
jeopardize a friendship and maintaining my integrity and purity, I
know that when I step out on that limb to maintain my purity, (making
the ever so bold statement that I serve Jesus Christ) God is not
going to allow that friendship to suffer if it was His will. What he
will do is take that action and use it to His glory. I have to
maintain faith about that.

I know that this all sounds very vague and maybe even confusing, but
that's a little bit intentional.

I really need to go
but I will try to write more later