the life of kate
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2002-11-20 20:14:31 (UTC)

well hey...havent wrote in here for a while................

Well a lot had happend sence i have wrote in here the last
time. I am on my senior year..THANK GOD!! I cant wait until
I am out of that hell hole that we alll call school. I am
doing preety good for my last year and im slacking off and
all. I have missed alot of days of school that hey whats
your senior year for?

Well I have found the guy of my dreams and he is
actully with me. I was suprised about that one. Still
havent figured out why he wants me but I am not
complaining. He is the biggest sweet hear that i know. WE
have had our ups and down but i guess what is what we get
when he is in college and I am still in highschool. BUt
that is only until June so hopefully we can last that long
and longer. I would love to marry him and he knows it. It
may seem fast but we have already talked about living
togeather and getting married and all that fun stuff. I
really do love him and nothing in this world would change
that for us. I know that I will do anything in this world
for him and he would do that same thing for me. I dont know
what really to write in this but i'll write some more
tongiht or tomarrow!!