The many thoughts of Ann
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2001-08-19 18:26:02 (UTC)


Sorry i haven;t written in a while i was at my cottage for
the last week with jen. we had so much fun, mostly becuz we
met like 9 cool guys there 2 of which had a boat and took
us wake boared which was alot of fun. but i feel bad cuz
the first 7 guys we met we hung out with for most of the
week and they dont like the guys with the boat and when we
met them jen tottally ignored they other guys the whole
night so me feeling bad hung out with then which i didn't
mind becuz i think those guys are cool and i had fun with
them. anyway we didn;t see them after that night which
meant on our lasty day ( the next day) we hung out with
Dustin and Kyle (the other guys) and didn;t get to say
goodbye to joe, josh, matt or dave. we did however get to
say goodbye to jorden ( hes 20) becuz he hung out with is
the last night. but dustin and kyle came the next day
before we left on their boat to say goodbye and just before
we left dustin took some guy out for a boat ride so as soon
as they were leavin my mom called and we were leaving.
which was sad cuz jen really liked dustin. so she didn.t
hug him goodbye. and kyle was there but for some reason we
didn;t hug him either . oh well. no i am sure ur askin who
i liked. well no one really i mean some of them were really
cool but the guy who i would have liked if i was up there
more would have been matt. he was just so cool and fun to
be around! so i had fun at the cottage. i'll tell ya more
about it later
buh bye