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2002-11-20 19:58:48 (UTC)

im a poser?

again i got a message saying im a poser...

u know it really agervates me when ppl call some1 else a
poser-for no reason. u have to know the right definition to
call some 1 a poser any way lemmi get to the point...this
is what some lame ass said to me in my messages...

From: [email protected]

o so u talk abut me in ur entries now POSER!!!!!!!!!

i know u r reading this ...obviousley u have nothing better
to do then to read ppls entries and discriminate them for
what they write,for the others who r reading this some1
just like this person has e-mailed my friend chelsea about
her "diary" calling her a poser.this could be some1 else
but i dont think it is-for the person who typed that little
response fuk u, u dont know me and if u do-y dont u come
and say it to my face at skool or something stupid pussy???

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