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2001-02-02 03:17:51 (UTC)

UGGGGH! I m not sure this week..


I'm not sure this week has been boring enough quite yet.
To top it off there is nooooo band practice tomorrow, or so
it appears. My mom is being a major ASSHOLE as usual and
will not let me go to Cecilles to practice. She doesn't
even have a real reason not to. Shes just being a fucking
bitch for no reason. She gets kicks out of it or
something. SOOOO ANNOYING!

I'm gonna ask her till she says yes or until I feel like
hitting her with my guitar for her stubbornness (if thats a
word). She pisses me off and hitting her would be soo much
fun right now.

Yay, I'm updating the post because it all got more interesting...
lemme give u a little quote:

Mom: Come home on YOUR bus and don't bring your stuff to school and I
will drive you there
Me: Thats a huge waste of time... whats the point?
Mom: The point is that i know where u are...
Me: How bout I find out the address and tell you it and that way u
know where I am and I'm getting there the EASY way
Mom: How about, you find out the address and I will drive you there
Me: Your retarded
Mom: How do I know the address that u give me is the real one
Me: Your sooo paranoid, shut up for a second
Mom: don't tell me to shut up
Me: Why, ur such a reject. Shut up for a second and listen to my
Mom: No, go home on the bus and I will drive you there. Your side
does not matter.
Me: Wanna know a secret.... I hate you.

Then online while I walk away read this:
MonkiesNRhinos4E: wheres cecilles house ?
EcStAsYKiD42o: i duno
EcStAsYKiD42o: we'll call u from there
MonkiesNRhinos4E: nah
MonkiesNRhinos4E: fuck it i'm not going
EcStAsYKiD42o: dude no way
EcStAsYKiD42o: i will find out in school
MonkiesNRhinos4E: my moms being an asshole
EcStAsYKiD42o: so go anyway so u can ignore her allday

MonkiesNRhinos4E: and i don't feel like taking more crap from her
EcStAsYKiD42o: fine dude
EcStAsYKiD42o: its up to u
EcStAsYKiD42o: but this is gonna happen every practice
EcStAsYKiD42o: might as well accept it
MonkiesNRhinos4E: acecept what?
MonkiesNRhinos4E: the fact that my mother is fucking insane?
EcStAsYKiD42o: yup
MonkiesNRhinos4E: and shes a paranoid pain in the ass
MonkiesNRhinos4E: and my suggestions don't mean dick?
EcStAsYKiD42o: thats the way it is with parents
EcStAsYKiD42o: i learned to ignore them
EcStAsYKiD42o: and do what i want to do
EcStAsYKiD42o: kno what i am saying
MonkiesNRhinos4E: yea but that doesn't work because my moms not a
fucking drunk
MonkiesNRhinos4E: and she will kill me if i ignore her
EcStAsYKiD42o: hey dude don' take it there
EcStAsYKiD42o: only i call my mom a drunk
EcStAsYKiD42o: and she is only a drunk on fridays
MonkiesNRhinos4E: yea, maybe u shouldn't advertise the fact that shes
a drunk ever and no one will call her a drunk
EcStAsYKiD42o: yeah i say it but is ay on fridays after and i was jk
EcStAsYKiD42o: about us aying it
EcStAsYKiD42o: i really don't care
EcStAsYKiD42o: she iss aa btich

Ray, of all people, trying to give me advise about how I deal with my