of little importance
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2002-11-20 16:58:46 (UTC)

k, so...

k, so i wrote another song/poem last night. i was trying
to fall asleep and how i do that is think of things that
went on during the day and organize my thoughts about
them. usually there's so many things to organize that i
just fall asleep in the middle of them. so i guess you
could say thinking makes me sleepy.

about the poem...i left it beside my bed this morning. i
was going to go home to get it and my blades after first
class since it's such a beautiful day outside, but i had
quite a bit of homework which i didn't quite understand for
that class. and if i don't do my homework right afterwards
when i'm just a little bit confused, later when i try to do
it it's impossible. so i didn't go home and now i'm just
rambling...i'll put it in here later i guess.

i'm in a...better mood i guess. i don't really know.
yesterday was a good day. today is a good day so far. so
far i've been okay. do you understand what i mean by that?

i've turned quite a few heads today and that has made me
feel very good about myself. i bought some new clothes
yesterday. i decided that i needed some boosting of my
self esteem and even though they were a whole lot more than
what i usually spend on clothes, i bought them anyways.
they're very cute and...appealing...i guess that's what you
say. they're not slutty or reach out and grab you and make
you stare at certain parts of me...they're more...get your
attention and make you look at the whole of me all together
and i don't know if that's really the word.
but i feel really pretty today. i was going to put on
makeup too, but i decided not to. like i said i turned a
few heads and made some people...stare (he hee) and there
was one guy...this is great. i walked past him and me
having the tendency to not look away from people as they
look at me saw him look at me then held his gaze. then he
raised his eyebrows in a...suggestive...manner and smiled.
like i said, i'm not dressed slutty, that's not me. but
i'm dressed nicely and in my opinion, i look good. i'll
have to wear it again so you can give me your professional
opinion. lol.

on another note...which needs more thought than it would

i am tired. so very tired.