Life Stinks, and I Ran Out of Perfume
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2001-08-19 13:15:17 (UTC)


I'm settled in Florida now.

My roommates are giggly little Freshman that DON'T GO TO

Yeah yeah, it's been a year ago, so I remeber those days.

Gotta put my shoes on for Sunday breakfast with family.

Somewhere in the back of my mind lies my boyfriend.

He's somewhere in Virginia now...I hope he got my email
about my phone number.

Navy's a bitch, sometimes.

Actually, most of the time.

Wondering if I should tell my roommates about my family

Or just let it pop up.

Can't really get too close when you can't really stay awake.

Damn it, why hasn't he emailed me yet?!?

Oh yeah, he has watch from 6:00am, then whenever that ends,
he can't rest until the enlisted folks finish their duties.

So, I guess I'll hear from him sometime tonight hopefully.

Or more likely tomorrow, even though I'll get bitchy with

And he'll say: "Why are you getting bitchy, it's only one

It's only one day, another day when I could possibly
satisfy this dull hunger for sex, or at least some

Why do I love attention so much-or, really-why do I hate
sex so much?

I dread the day he comes back to Florida, Saturday, because
I know he'll want sex after almost four long months in
which we only had sex 7 times (in the 8 total days that we
saw each other).

But I just want to be is, hmm...but holding is
so wonderful.

Why does it hurt so much...why am I so afraid to cum...why
do I get bored so easily, even if we do it in five hundred

I get bored, but I don't want to move from my stationary
missionary position...

I used to like doggy-style from my ex, why don't I like it
from my new boyfriend?

Oh well, we'll figure it all out Saturday. Now, I'm hungry,
and my family isn't here yet...