The Wait For True Love
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2002-11-20 06:02:31 (UTC)

What a day....

So yeah I skipped 2 classes today. The first class (english)
I just overslept but the second class (government) I rarely
go to that class anyway so I was just like f*ck it. So once
again, I sat on my ass all day and it felt good until I had
to get up and go to drumline but that wasn't so bad. I'm one
of the few band geeks that can admit to enjoying band. hee
hee. I got the package from my mommy in the mail today.
Thank god! She sent me some clothes and different wintery
type things. Including long johns so that my ass won't
freeze and fall off at the football game this saturday.
Yay!! And she also sent me more pants to make up for all the
pants that my big ass has recently busted holes in. oh well....

I have no classes till 2 tomorrow so I'm gonna chill my ass
off till then. Or maybe daydream about the man I wish I
had... yup thats right... I still have no man!!!!! Damn
it!!! But I'm not gonna get into that right now. But for the
record... I have no man, i'm broke, and its been months
since i've been laid. With that in mind... nighty night.


P.S.~ Guys are always welcome to come sweep me off my