Kenton Cohick

Insolent thoughts
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2002-11-20 05:56:06 (UTC)

I could use some drugs

Fuck school is hard. I have a math midterm tomorrow (read:
screwed), and my English teacher decides that now would be
a fantastic time to assign me (literally) 100 questions on
the play "A Streetcar Named Desire". Now I don't know about
you, but I stopped wanting to read this play when I found
out that there is an actual streetcar named "Desire" in it.
Who the hell names a streetcar? So now I didn't study at
all for the hardest test I'll ever be taking, and I have no
drugs to help me out. Well, I have drugs, but I don't want
to smoke them before a math test. Worst. Night. EVAR.

On a totally different note: My school has 2500 kids in it.
It was built when it had 450. Now that you've heard those
fun facts, imagine what the hallways look like in between
classes. HELL ON EARTH. I can guarantee you that no matter
how many people are in the hallway, approximately 109% of
them will be standing wherever they want. They're too cool
to stand on the sides, out of everyone's way. Then, when I
have to jostle them a bit to get by, they say "people don't
now how to walk in the hallway." The only reason I'm
mentioning this is because today I was nearly pushed past
my threshold. Or, in the words of great Vincent Vega,

"I got a threshold, Jules. I got a threshold for the abuse
I'll take. And you're crossin' it. I'm a race car and you
got me in the red. Redline 7000, that's where you are. Just
know, it's fuckin' dangerous to be drivin' a race car when
it's in the red. It could blow."

I've never been out-of-control angry before, but today I
nearly snapped and hit someone. I wish I would have. I bet
it would have felt satisfying to smack some preppy moron
across the face.

Get a load of this expression I made up. When you backhand
somebody (preferably a woman), call it the "Italian high-
five". Isn't that great? I came up with that today on an
English assignment.

I started working out again the other day because I'm
starting to get a little flabby. I did 75 sit-ups two days
ago, and I'm still sore. Is that sad or what? Tonight I
sneezed and I literally fell over from the pain in my abs.
I can't even laugh right now, much less do another sit-up.
I guess that means I'm out of shape or something.

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