2001-08-19 09:54:35 (UTC)

aug 19th 2:44 am things are fine

another good day had a real hard time staying awake this
morning till I got upand washed my face and had a bit of
coffee otherwise it was torcher to stay awake kept falling
back to sleep for about 1hr or so. Probably because itook
that extra pill,I was so stressed from the chat line. well
today I got all my mislainous work done note,mailmetc, poor
Ronnie didn't gett anyting done the computerwas down most
of the day Trevor did return both of his calls but really
got nowhere withhim forgot to do this that what ever ..Siad
he would come Sun. we will see about that... i am all
caught up in my things going to to a bit more down loading
today before we proable take the thing back to shaw the way
things waork tele works just as good probably..We really
don't know we will try We know cable is slow ..