Cold chillin

Bernie Calderon
2002-11-20 05:10:35 (UTC)

the aftermath....

Mood: Tired and kinda sad
Song of the moment: Drops of Jupiter- Train

yeah 2day has been really tough. ive been in my room
basically all day typing my stupid geography notebook that
i thought was due next week but all of a sudden its due
friggin 2morrow. ive had thoughts runnin through mah mind,
and here's something i have to write down before i forget

I like the feel of your name on my lips,
and i like the sweet sound of your gentle kiss.
The way that your fingers run through my hair,
and how your scent lingers even when your not there.
And I like the way your eyes glance when you laugh,
and how you enjoy your two hour bath.
And i like the way you convinced me to dance in the rain,
with everyone watching like we were insane.
I could have held you all night long,
I could have laid next to you forever,
But then I know tomorrow soon would come,
And still we couldn't be together . . .
I went against what my head was saying,
and followed my heart through,
And instead of quitting while I was ahead,
I started falling in love with you
So now im here, alone and still
Thinkin what can i really do
but look up into the stars and say,
I love you