Unholy and Dirty and Beautiful Me
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2001-08-19 07:14:00 (UTC)

I'll always love that boy.

Last night I went to a party w/ JeG, JeM & KrW. Met up
w/StC and some others there. The party wasn't all that
good, but we had fun. JeG & I started drinking @2pm so we
were completely wasted that night. MaD was there, gave me a
kiss and told me he'd call today-didn't call. However, he also walked
off with some blonde chick right in front of me???? CoG was there
too, he poked me in the belly and ran away. Everyone was on
mushrooms, not us though. We were just really hammered. I
twisted my ankle I think, wearing platform sandals I
tripped drunken in a hole in the field. Staying in on a
Saturday night to nurse it.

DqD was there. We ended up talking, probably loudly so
others could hear...hmmmm..maybe that's why MaD didn't call
OH WELL, about why we broke up after three years and stuff.
Ended up going back to ShE & JaC's place for the night with
him. We talked late, cuddled and even kissed but nothing
more. It was really good just to hang out with the guy, we
were best friends for a long time and not having him in my
life is really hard.

Ya, so no MaD tonight. I'm not even bummed about it
really, he's a goof as far as I'm concerned but I'll sleep
with him again if I ever get the chance. He could never
mean much to me, nothing WRONG with the guy but he's not
the faithful, responsible and caring person I'm going to
someday find.

DqD would be perfect. We WERE perfect for the longest
time. But we both made mistakes and unfortunately couldn't
work it out. I'd love to be with him again, in my heart
I'll always feel he's the one I'm meant to be with. But I
doubt I'd ever be so lucky again. It's just good to know
we're cool and there are no hard feelings. It's been over a
year since our mutual split-up, but I'll always love that