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2001-08-19 06:37:36 (UTC)

LiFe SuXz

Life suxz bad well i just spent like 3 hours reading ur
diary tricia and i know who ever is reading this is like
hey that girl tricia has her parents split up and atuff and
her dad (steve) is going to that lee ann chick and she has
3 kids well guess what im amanda yeah im tricia's soon to
be sis LOL well the 4 year old isnt that bad let me tell u
that and it is kinda weird reading her point of view on
this crap it really is screwed up cuz i am movin friking 26
hours away from my dad and my meme and pawpa ( grandame and
grandpaw) for what snow? my mom's going? i dont know y im
going i should just stay here in texas and stay with my dad
i mean me and my mom are constanly fightin and what the
hell i mean i almost never fight with my dad and i could
visit my mom god what am i getting my self into here ok
check this out my school is frikin small it is starting
with only 990 peeps in k-12 and thats it dude we only have
elementry middlye skool and high skool (1 of each) all in a
lil bucnch and there r only 70 peeps in my whole grade half
of them ive known my whole life and im going to a place
with 300 peeps in a grade what a change i wish i could just
take my cuzin ashley with me we are like sisters yeah ticia
i know ur sis is named ashley to well its scarry cuz there
like the same well i know this is boring but hey this is my
screwed up life i mean im leaving in friking 5 days and i
still have no clue what to do hey tricia if u read this e-
mail me or sumthin k my e-mail is [email protected] k so
there is this guy i really like and ashley knows about him
well actually both ashleys know about him he isnt the
hotest guy ever but he is real sweet the best christian ive
ever meet and a good student...wells gots to gos i have
church in the morning ahh it starts at 9 and it is 1 30
ahhhhhhh it will be a long church service cuz everyone is
gunna wanna say good bye and all well i luv yall all ash --
ash--ticia--colleen--westin--philip lol he dont know how to
read hes only 4 ill ttyl laterz

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