my life
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2002-11-20 03:02:57 (UTC)

band fun

alright i havent writen in this thing for a while so i will
go untill i get bored or run out of ideas. the biggest
thing that happend so far is that i had an hour long
staring contest with that faggot and the teacher. all
because on friday there wasnt a good preformance. so there
was an extra practice called that night when the game was
over, and i was tierd and not wanting to be there already,
i didnt even know that there was a game until that friday
morning. and they wanted us up at 7 the next morning. well
they wanted us there at 7 but of course most ppl have to
get up at 5 cuz it takes some time to wake up. so i wasnt
really happy. i was just walking staying in my spot and
everything playing and all tat i was supposed to do except
march in time with my feet going so fast. the whole goddam
show is at 166 bpm. (beets per minute). i wasnt going to
tier my self out anymore then i was to get up at 5 and it
was already 10. so that was fun! and then because we are
arcadia marching band (whoopy) we have to march in from
football games not just walk in even tho there is no one
around any more. so we had to march in but i want
happyabout that either, i was really not happy to be there
so i just walked back to the band room. the long haired
pansy faggot hippy buttlicker started yelling at me and i
told him that i didnt care right then, i was like goddam
lemme alone. and hes like left left left left!!!!! telling
me that he didnt care that my mom wrote a letter to the
school about corparal punishment. he was like i will find
some sort of punishment that no one can complain about. so
i was like whatever and sort of marched. but then of
course that moron was like weting his pants and had to go
tell the teacher about me not caring, does it sound like
such a big deal btw, think about it there was no one around
to show off for i wasnt happy or feeling good, but anyway
queer bate crys to the teachre about me, and teacher trys
to get me to do my own punishment. hes
like "well...................if you
were....................him(asshole section
do......................about a student
does that sound like a trick, i think it sounds like (ok
bub what are you goign to do for punishment cuz if i gave
you some punishment then your mom would complain again)
anyway, i was like "i dont know" and the teacher was
like .................well....................we'll
wait...........btw the dots arent me falling asleep, thats
representing that the teacher talks a few words every few
minutes. anyway we stood staring at each other for about 20
minuts and then my mom came in and joined the fun staring
contest for about another 20 minutes then she was like ,
what did you do be a man and live up to it, i was thinking
go away, but she started talking and then we stood there
staring some more. oh well that was an interesting night,
but anyway the teacher finally said, go home and think
about it and dont come back till you know, mm sound like he
wants me out of band to any one else but me? ... so they're
still waiting for me to tell them, but i figure that if
they want me to say something then they can come to me its
not that important to me, so if they want an answer then
they can come talk to me im not goign to try to find them
at the same time and get into more fun staring contests.
hah what a nut.