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2002-11-20 00:00:29 (UTC)

Better days - the things never had been so clear

Well things are the same in Paradise. People are there.
Mel too. She has a boyfriend. Some that enemies aproved.
Some people of other town. But with similar habits than
enemies. The enemies are not that tought people. But those
false friends that wanted to be what they will not support.
Other people still are thinking those other people are the
bad. Really those people that think it that is the evil.
They have vices but could not see to it. And they blame the
Well good days are comming for me and my few truly friends.
I am tired of just to see trouble. I will see a brighter
day. I have the same day and at end I will say I am happy.
And to win the story.
I do not want to be wasted by time. I will close my hand
to do not make time sands slipping away.
Days in Paradise in streets of my home town in big city.
Things never had been so clear.