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2001-08-19 05:11:23 (UTC)

my new word and guys

my new word is:sup sweet thang
well iam going to list my guys and the problems i have with
them ok well here i go
1.dan dan: u are just a plain asss hole to me noo matter
what i do even when iam nice your still an ass
2.aj:he is nice to chat with sweet and really cool
3.brad: u are really sweet
4.brandon: i weigh 65lbs and u want me to lose more i don't
think that is is going to happen sorry babe
5.joey:u are going out with my best friend and we fucked
and i really like u a lot but hey nvm
6.alex:wudd up home doggg u soo tight
7.frankie: i saw u last night u were soo being gay why
8.dillon:u soo tight ive known u for 6 year u are soo sweet
9.tony s. u are soo nive ive known u for 15 years soo year
ok well thats all i can think of right now but yea iam
going to get in a big ass fight on the 24th at the beaveton
hoop with this bitch named erika she is 11 and ghetto she
is jelious cause i can get guys and she can't and this is
the soo iam going to end this right now soo iam looking
forword for the HOOP soo if any one wantsa to go have fun
and u will have to be on my side i hope soo yea well buh

iam hoping to see all my friends at the
hoop aight well peace