*...Days Upon Days...*
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2002-11-20 01:06:00 (UTC)

19th * Restless and Confused me

Mood: Restless yet tired..does that make sense?

Do you ever think that maybe things would have been
different if u chose another thing? Example..if u didn't
eat that chili dog, u wouldn't have had a stomach ache, and
that wouldn't have stopped u from going to the concert..;
or if u chose that pink shirt instead of the blue, that guy
would have chose you..and then ur life would be completely
different now cuz u would be with him, rather than at home
pigging out on marshmallows?...yeah i thought so..thats wat
i'm thinking now..every choice you make effects ur whole
actions ...just think about it..?

A friend thinks its different from her point of view than
mine..which is logical..but it's not true.

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