*~*~* Krystalz Diary *~*~*
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2002-11-20 01:04:42 (UTC)


Well today it seemed like nobody waz havin a good day..
I didnt do too much, still cleanin house 4 thanksgivin, i
worked on some graffitti, downloaded music, made cards 4
meg and brittani cuz they were kinda upset today (long
story), made dinner (chicken), talked to Linsey and it
lookz like she might be hookin up wit sean l. so we'll see
wat happenz wit that, ~good luck Linz!~ well thatz all 4
today, nothin special, g2g watch the newz, they're havin
somethin on gangs in Mass. so i wanna see watz up wit that,
luv ya take care, ~K.~